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What is Hentai?

Are you just discovering the world of hentai, or curious to know if it’s right for you? The term hentai comes from Japanese and is derived from “hentai seiyoku,” which means “perverse sexual desire.” It can have to do with any unusual sexual act and, in Japanese, doesn’t necessarily relate to the hentai pics and hentai video you see here. But outside of Japan, the term hentai is used as a kind of catch-all term for any animated manga or anime-style porn. It is considered a subgenre of manga (printed Japanese cartoons) and anime (Japanese animation), in which very sexualized characters engage in sex and sex acts in sexualized plots (in images, photos, or animated video). The term hentai probably was redefined this way in the early 1990s.

This was when many websites started selling access to images taken from Japanese erotic manga (cartoon novels, like the graphic novels of today, but with sexual themes). By the late 1990s, hentai was recognized as a porn genre in the “Good Vibrations Guide to Sex,” and by 2,000, hentai was the forty first most popular search term on the Internet (surprisingly beating “anime,” which came in almost hundredth). Now we define as hentai material that came about before the term was coined. Any graphic cartoon sex work is generally considered hentai, usually because it comes from Japan or is at least inspired by Japanese-style animated sex videos and illustrated printed novels. In other words, if you like sex, and if you like animation, and you enjoy any sort of unusual, weird, or just different sexual video or pictures, then hentai is just what you’re looking for.

It’s All About Fantasy Fulfillment

The beauty of hentai is that the sky’s the limit. Any fantasy you have, any fantasy you want fulfilled, can be had in hentai pics and in hentai video. Do you want LOL hentai? We have plenty of League of Legends hentai. Do you want Fairytail hentai? We have every sexy Fairytail fantasy you could ever want. We are one of the best hentai sites on the Internet for good reason. We have all the best hentai pics and hentai video… and it’s all because we know hentai represents everything you want in sexual fantasy and erotic adult entertainment. Absolutely everything you want can be yours when you indulge your hentai desires. And you can have all these fantasies when you use our site.

What’s your pleasure? Do you like forbidden fantasies between two characters? Do you love to fantasize about two characters, a man and a woman, who shouldn’t be together because their love is considered taboo by society or those around them? There is a particular kind of erotic satisfaction to be had when watching forbidden sex between two animated characters. The best part is, nobody is being hurt, and nobody is actually breaking any taboos. It’s all fantasy. The voices of the animated characters are just voice actors, and the cartoons themselves don’t exist and never existed. They are like the erotic visions of your own inner mind come to life and animated for you to help you enjoy what you like most. It’s perfectly legal, it’s perfectly socially acceptable, and it’s an interest shared by countless hentai lovers in your country and around the world.

So why not indulge in your forbidden fantasies? It may not be possible to find porn that exactly corresponds to the forbidden desires you hold. But there are hentai videos and hentai pics that show everything you have ever wanted. Do you love to see women pleasing women? Do you long to see their eyes close in pleasure and their faces draw tight with pleasure as their forbidden lovers put them to the test? This is a staple of many hentai videos and we think you’ll enjoy them very much. Hentai sites like ours are masters of bringing you the most erotic and titillating of new scenarios, and when it comes to girl on girl action, nothing is as incredible as the kind of scenarios you’ll find in our hentai videos. You can even enjoy our hentai pics gallery of still images if you really want to savor the action and enjoy every single pixel for as long as you would like to. Some of these are high enough quality that you could even use them as your desktop wallpaper. Imagine that every time you log into your computer, the most sexy and beautiful hentai babes are waiting for you to please you with their presence!

But what if your tastes are even hotter than that? What if you really love schoolgirl outfits, short school uniform skirts, and the best in legal-age 18+ teenaged schoolgirl action? Our hentai pics and hentai video have it all for you, with lots of hot schoolgirls getting it on with each other, with the male students, with their horny teachers, and just about everybody else who takes an interest in their tight, hot, taut little bodies. Sexy schoolgirls are some of the most popular hentai videos we have, and we are more than happy to share them with you. There’s just something about this particular fantasy that for a lot of us goes back to our own horny teenaged years, when we were just hitting legal age and finding ourselves surrounded by women who are the hottest they’re ever going to be in the prime of their sexual lives.

If you like your fantasies lustful, forbidden, and oh so twisted, that’s what hentai is all about, and that’s the hentai awesomeness we have to offer you. Sometimes, you know, it may not even be POSSIBLE to find what you fantasize about most. Do you get into freaky weirdness? Does the thought of a woman being held captive and sexually pleased by alien tentacles and the tongue of a monster get you fired up and super horny? Well, we understand that there are lots of you out there who get hard at the thought of monstrous sex, and we are happy to oblige you. Just take a look through the hentai pics and hentai videos we have to offer you at the site and we’ll be happy to turn you on like never before. Witness sex the way you never knew it could be, among creatures you never even thought possible.

The History of Hentai

According to Wikipedia, the term “hentai” is rooted in both science and psychology. “By the middle of the Meiji era, the term appeared in publications to describe unusual or abnormal traits, including paranormal abilities and psychological disorders… A translation of German sexologist Richard von Krafft-Ebing’s text Psychopathia Sexualis originated the concept of ‘hentai seiyoku’, as a ‘perverse or abnormal sexual desire.’” The term apparently appeared outside the realm of psychology, too, such as in a famous novel called “Vita Sexualis.” Interest in hentai, or “hentai seiyoku,” prompted many writers in various publications and journals to offer advice to the public, helping the public to further connect the word “hentai” to sexuality and unusual sexual desires.

Japan saw a kind of boom in “advice” on sex that popularized erotic literature, such as publications like “Sexuality and Human Nature” and “Sex Research.” A man named Tanaka Kogai first wrote articles for a journal called “Abnormal Psychology” and then for a journal he founded called “Modern Sexuality.” This became a very popular “go to” resource for those interested in erotica and matters related to sexuality, and in fact “Modern Sexuality” actually promoted S&M and fetishism as simply part of modern life that ought to be explored. A movement called “ero-guro,” which depicts unusual, erotic, and even perverse imagery, came about in response to interest in “hentai seiyoku.”

Japan has always been a relatively repressed society sexually, or it was prior to the World War II era. It was also a nation that historically isolated itself from outside influences. There was a time when any foreigner coming to Japanese soil could expect to be killed for setting foot on Japanese territory. The war, however, blew everything apart, and arguably did some damage to the Japanese’ collective psyche. The fascination with giant monsters tearing up the landscape has been said to be a metaphor for nuclear war, and for the indelible destruction wrought by the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The artistic style of manga and anime, in which characters have Anglicized features and impossibly large eyes, would seem to be a kind of expression of self-loathing on the part of the Japanese. There’s no doubt that there’s a lot going on, psychologically, where Japanese culture, erotica, and related areas of popular culture are concerned.

It was at the end of the Second World War when sexuality and erotica really started to come to the forefront of Japanese popular culture. By the fifties, publications devoted to erotica, including fetish topics, were starting to become quite common. A few years after that, hentai publications that included things like sadomasochism and lesbian erotica were available, all of them targeted to hentai’s predominantly male audience. As you can imagine, the sexual revolution of the sixties brought increased sexual freedom to Japan, and with it came legitimacy for hentai publications.

The first hentai comics to become famous included one by Azuma Hideo called “Cyble” in the late seventies. Japanese anime started to become popular with the release of “Lolita Anime” in the eighties, and there was also One Thousand and One Arabian Nights. But cartoons depicting sexual themes go all the way back to a historic piece of art called “The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife,” which shows a woman receiving pleasure from two octopuses. This is actually the origin of what many people associate with hentai, which is the alien or “tentacle” porn that is so incredibly popular in the genre.

Manga, or printed Japanese graphic novels, have been around for a long time, and sexual themes in manga started in the forties and became more popular in the seventies. One man, Osamu Tezuka, is credited for the popularization of the cute, big-eyed cartoon characters with less realistic features that are now the fundamental characteristic of Japanese anime and manga (and therefore hentai). Cybele was written by Azuma Hideo and, according to Wikipedia, “offered the first commentary on unrealistic depictions of sexual acts between Tezuka-style characters… This would start a pornographic manga movement. …The publication of erotic [hentai] materials in America can be traced back to at least 1990, when IANVS Publications printed its first Anime Shower Special. In March 1994, Antarctic Press released Bondage Fairies, an English translation of [the Japanese manga] Insect Hunter.”

We mentioned that in the late seventies, before hentai became popular in America, movies like One Thousand and One Arabian Nights and Cleopatra: Queen of Sex contained hentai elements even though they aren’t necessarily considered hentai. Hentai basically contains a lot of nudity, graphic sex (with or without unusual or “perverse” themes), and the Tezuka-style characters on which the genre is based. The Lolita Anime series, considered to be one of the first hentai videos, focuses on sex and forced sex, including BDSM style bondage. The first hentai film to reach American audiences was Urotsukidoji, which created both hentai and tentacle sex genres for this budding category of sexual and erotic entertainment. According to Wikipedia, Urotsukidoji “contains extreme depictions of violence and monster sex. It is notable for being the first depiction of tentacle sex on screen. When the movie premiered in America it was described as being ‘drenched in graphic scenes of perverse sex and ultraviolence.”

Another category of hentai is the “eroge,” or erotic game. This is video games that use the artistic manga or anime style and approach to art work for the game, but which also includes heavily sexual and erotic elements. It’s a game designed for adults, not children, and eroge is very popular among hentai fans who are also gamers. But eroge has expanded to mean not just games, but also images and graphic novels or hentai books that are based on the material from the games. It can also include sexualized and erotic images of games that were not originally sexual, such as the hentai we have available from the popular League of Legends game.

Censorship of Hentai in Japan

One thing you have to understand about any hentai that comes from Japan is that the Japanese Criminal Code has for more than a century forbid showing both pubic hair and sexual intercourse. That means that in images or video that come from Japan and are not licensed from some other country, the sexual intercourse will be “blurred” or “pixilated” out, and the images will have censorship bars across them. It was in 1986 that a man named Toshio Maeda tried to get around those censorship restrictions by establishing the entire genre of tentacle sex. A lot of copycat erotica followed, including everything from aliens and demons to robots and other monsters. Because those creatures don’t have human male genitalia, it could be argued that these sex images aren’t sexual intercourse at all, and thus don’t have to be censored per Japanese law. (Alien monsters without pubic hair was another recurring theme that came about because of the ban on such things.) Thus, while it’s ironic, the huge success of what we consider to be hentai in the United States was as a result of people trying to get around Japanese laws. When Urotsukidoji came to the United States, its many scenes of tentacle sex and violence were left intact, but these were edited out of the UK release of the film.

Without a doubt, men form the audience for hentai all over the world. When you think about it, combining porn, cartoon animation, and gaming into eroge is a product tailor made for male interests. There is an ever greater audience for hentai every year around the world. Hentai ranges from “normal” animations depicting sex to a variety of specialty porn niches and interests, including bondage, sexy schoolgirls, monsters, and other unusual sexual acts. Wikipedia quotes a clinical psychologist, Dr. Megha Hazuria Gorem, on the nature of hentai: “Because toons are a kind of final fantasy, you can make the person look the way you want him or her to look. Every fetish can be fulfilled.” The fact is, everything about eroge represents fantasy fulfillment, and an outlet for both repressed and suppressed sexual desires on the part of the players, the readers, and the buyers of hentai and eroge. This includes “yaoi”, or homosexual acts between fictional characters (sometimes unlicensed depictions of famous characters from popular television, anime, and books) and yuri (female-on-female depictions inspired by the same things).

Hentai, therefore, is all about sexual fantasy fulfillment and sexual fetishes. Some hentai shows the people in them doing things that are physically impossible. Some of it allows the characters and the reader or viewer to indulge in sexual fantasies that simply aren’t possible in real life, such as hermaphroditism (“futanari,” a sub genre of hentai that is perhaps one of the largest sub genres available). No matter what your fantasy, no matter what your desire or interest, if you like animation and you like sex, hentai has something to please you, and often something that can please you in ways that no “ordinary” adult erotic entertainment can!

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